Unique and bilingual services since 1979

Our History

EBO Financial Education Centre (formerly Entraide budgétaire Ottawa) is a budget counseling community service that was founded on January 18, 1979 by community advocates who decided to pass on the knowledge they acquired in a course on budget counseling that was offered to Ottawa residents. Today, this community involvement is still reflected in the organization's day-to-day activities.

Our Mission

EBO Financial Education Centre (EBO Centre) is a charitable organization that works to curb financial exploitation and indebtedness by encouraging individuals and their families to achieve financial autonomy. For a number of years now, EBO Centre has been offering its budget counseling services free of charge to those those facing socioeconomic challenges and promoting better financial literacy trough education.

What sets us apart

At EBO Centre, we believe that the best protection against financial exploitation and indebtedness is financial autonomy: a proactive approach to financial security and awareness of our rights as consumers.

What makes EBO Centre unique is our multifaceted approach to the financial problems of those who seek our assistance; indeed, our solutions can be as diverse as our clients themselves!

Our very human approach is sensitive to the diverse realities of our clientele.
We respect each person's lived experience and reality, and work accordingly.
We believe that our clients must maintain the freedom to choose between the options available.
We offer follow-up support for as long as our services are needed.
We involve our clients and our volunteers in the evaluation and development of our services.

Our Team 

Thanks to a devoted and passionate team made up of volunteers, staff, and
members of the board of directors, we are more successful every year! You can
support us by becoming a member of EBO Financial Education Centre by getting involved
as a volunteer on an ad hoc basis, or by joining one of our five committees. Each year,
over 2,000 volunteer hours are donated to help develop our organization and improve
the well-being and lives of the people we serve.

Organization Pamphlet: What Sets Us Apart