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Working for low-income individuals to improve their quality of life

EBO Financial Education Centre, is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to fight financial exploitation and indebtedness. For the past 35 years, our programs have been helping a growing number of low-income Ottawa residents gain control over their personal and family’s finances. Notably, our Community Work has been playing an important role in mobilizing all stakeholders to work for a more just and equal society. At the same time, we offer our services to low-income Ottawa residents in order to help them improve their personal and family’s financial situation. Recently, we have expanded our services by developing the OASIS Budget Counseling program in order to serve middle-income earners, as well as Employee Assistance Services’ clients across Canada. Please take some time to explore our website to discover which services might be of interest to you.

In connection with our Community Work, we are involved in various activities:

  • Meeting with, bringing together, and mobilizing low-income consumers to enable them to gain a better understanding of factors that influence consumption, and publishing a newsletter and fliers distributed in the community
  • Speaking on behalf of and representing the collective interests of low-income consumers through media interviews
  • Cooperating with all other organizations with goals similar to those of EBO-Financial Education Centre

If you are interested in our Community work or if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please Contact Us. We will be delighted to listen to you and help you get involved in your community. Also, if you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, get in touch to discuss our many rewarding volunteer opportunities.

You can also support us by Becoming a Member or by making a donation.