Unique and bilingual services since 1979

At EBO Financial Education Centre, people come first because we know that life is about more than just money…

Building on its 35 years of experience, Entraide budgétaire Ottawa has developed a highly adaptable approach to its clients’ needs and situations, and this approach provides the foundation for all our services. Consequently, at EBO Centre.

  • Our counselors listen to clients attentively and respectfully. Our society is based on over consumption, so we understand that it can become difficult to make ends meet. That is why our clients always receive the outmost respect from our team with regard to their own and their family’s financial situation.
  • We treat each case with the outmost confidentiality.
  • We work with clients to establish budget planning and management tools that help them gain perspective and take more informed decisions, allowing them greater peace of mind with regard to their personal and family finances.
  • We strongly believe that there is no better way of taking control of one’s financial situation than by establishing personal and family budgets that let the client see more clearly, establish different options and priorities, and make the necessary decisions to improve their financial situation. Clients are often surprised how easy it is to achieve certain personal and family goals with proper financial planning.
  • We strive to offer clients a wide range of options to improve their financial situation and we make sure that they feel completely in control of the decisions they make. Clients always make their own decisions; our role is only to inform, support, and guide them through the decision-making process.
We strive to help our clients develop a feeling of control over their own financial situation, significantly reducing their money worries, and improving their quality of life.