Unique and bilingual services since 1979

If you need advice about your individual or your family’s financial situation, our counselling services are for you. Confidential and free of charge, these services are offered by appointment either in person or by phone, depending on the situation.

You may also be eligible for our micro-credit program, which includes Desjardins Mutual Assistance Fund.


Some of the services we provide include the following:

  • Assessment of the individual’s financial and taxation situation and of his or her expectations
  • Research and application of innovative solutions
  • Development of a realistic and detailed action plan that will aim to solve all types of problematic budgetary circumstances
  • Teaching personal and family budget planning and management tools
  • Where necessary, negotiation with creditors, landlords, social services, financial, and government institutions
  • Raising awareness with regard to managing financial and fiscal matters
  • Provision of information on good consumer habits to avoid financial traps and over-use of credit
  • Response to crisis situations: eviction, garnishment of salary and/or assets, service cut-offs (electricity, heat, or telephone)
  • Response to specific requests related to issues of consumption or difficult financial situations
  • Explanation of different options available to consumers
  • Referrals to appropriate resources and services, if need be
  • Within the framework of a budget counselling session, and only as a last resort, a request for a small loan could be done through our micro-credit program
  • Support available to community social workers for their clients’ budgeting and legal matters related to consumers issues, indebtedness, and taxes