Unique and bilingual services since 1979

Offered to middle-income individuals and businesses

Preoccupied by your finances?

Too often short on cash and feel that your debts are just no longer manageable?

The OASIS Budget Counselling program can help by offering you advice and tools to better manage your financial situation.

OASIS Budget Counselling is an initiative of the EBO Financial Education Centre, a budget counselling not-for-profit organization established in 1979 and that helps close to 2000 individuals and families every year.

The OASIS Budget Counselling program offers a unique and completely independent service. Unlike financial institutions, banks, and investment institutions, OASIS Budget Counselling only provides financial advice and does not attempt to sell other services. Most people providing financial counselling must tie their advice to other products and services they sell, thus generating profit.

  • Financial planners working with an investment house, a financial institution or an insurance company will naturally have quotas to meet and a range of other products to sell, such as placement products, mortgages, insurance, and so on, from which they often receive commissions, and such sales are often an integral part of their performance evaluation.
  • Debt specialists like bankruptcy trustees or credit counselling services are limited by their specialization; they must restrict their advice to clients’ debts, providing few specific services to which fees are normally attached.
  • OASIS Budget Counselling is a program that:
  • if you are a business, offers quality services to all your employees through your  Employee Assistance Services
  • if you are an individual, offers consultation in person in our Ottawa office or by phone in the rest of the country
  • offers their services in both official languages
  • provides clients with the advice necessary to allow them to establish a precise plan and objectives, allowing them to take control of their financial situation
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